We will formulate one potent question that addresses your inquiry for the cards.

The cards are pulled in response to this inquiry and I interpret what we receive from an astrological, numerical, intuitive, symbolic and archetypal perspective.

If more inquiries are required to reach clarity in the session, we will ask and answer those.

The session is concluded with a written summary that compiles your initial inquiry, the cards pulled, and the meaning + message from your reading.


I grew up with a deeply religious Sikh mother: I dozed off to sleep to the subtle sound of her voice reciting hymns from our Guru Granth Sahib. I woke up to the same tune in the morning. My mother shared her Punjabi traditions, Sikh religion and ancestral superstitions with me. This helped me understand the world of the unseen and the power of immaterial energy from a young age. As I have grown, my relationship with spirituality expanded beyond my religion. I became enamored with mythology and the life of the Gods in school and expanded my learning outside of the classroom. I looked into the myths of the world. I continued my independent learning of tarot, astrology, numerology, psychology and the vast world of metaphysics + spirituality. And even more so, I opened myself up to experience and the wisdom that is transmitted through other beings we encounter in this life. On a late winter evening of 2016, I acquired the Rider-Waite Smith deck and have been offering readings to friends, family, strangers and patrons at various events throughout California.


 I view healing as the art of self-empowerment. I identify tarot as an alternative form of therapy, beneficial reflection and tuning into the essence that connects humanity. Readings provide a moment of stillness in a world that is moving so rapidly. They provide the ability to hone in on yourself wholly. I am not here to heal you during a reading, but rather open you up to the vastness of your own strength — the power and ability to heal is your own and always will be.

photo by  James Stanciell

photo by James Stanciell

Message: connect@sukhpreet.love for further questions or to request tarot for an event.



“I really loved how the cards came to play! I felt like they really aligned with how I’m currently feeling & thinking. The whole card-reading felt very narrative in a cyclical sense. As the person getting the reading done, I had an obstacle (too many wands) and my goal/hero’s journey was to eliminate all the excess so I could focus on one titular goal or project. I loved how you brought up Sade, which made me think of Nas and all these artists with ONE album of incredible intellect. That’s all they needed to reach the hearts of millions. So, in summary my favorite part of the reading was how the cards that showed up felt like they were infused w the divine. It felt very purposeful and guided by the higher beings at play. I was so impressed by how you guided the reading without taking it over. You were open to what the cards had to say and didn’t seem to have a predetermined narrative in mind. The whole experience was very genuine and determined by what cards showed up. It felt very authentic. Some people I know say they are “scared” to get a reading done. I think people are scared something might be revealed that they already know. Either way...I found the experience incredibly helpful. It DID illuminate something I already know about myself, but in a very disarming, sweet & gentle way.”

— Jessica


"I had an intense year of self reflection. I felt Sukhpreet would be the best person to discuss how I could turn those reflections into actions steps for the next coming year year. Sukhpreet was such a great listener. I felt very trusting with the information I shared with Sukhpreet. They directed the convo in a way that felt really natural. Sukhpreet's perspective is so beautiful and wise. I enjoyed the way she was able to relate each cards meaning to the experiences I described to them. It was so spot on and helpful. Their framing and perspective really helped me ask the right questions. I felt inspired and heard! I feel really good about this next coming year. Sukhpreet was able to help me frame important questions for my goals for 2019.”

— Jasdeep


"Having been disconnected from my inner wisdom/internal guidance for the majority of my life, the reading was highly transformative for me in that I gained a significant amount of perspective on myself and my needs. I sought this reading at a very chaotic and painful time and came away from it with a greater sense of understanding and peace within myself. I also felt a sense of validation for the experiences I have had and the path I am on."

— anonymous


"I enjoyed seeing you in your element so to speak. It was truly beautiful to see the power come from within you. It showed me that everything I need is already in me. I just can’t be scared anymore. I’m actively working on getting over my fears. One day at a time."

— anonymous


“I enjoyed the layout of the cards and the way they were presented. I felt the information related to the cards and to the question I had posed were resonant with the things that were coming up for me. The entire reading alleviated my past disillusionment with tarot from my previous reading that didn’t go so well, and I now feel more connected to tarot’s source of power and wisdom. Sukhpreet is very knowledgeable and creates a calming environment during the reading that can ease any sort of anxiety or hesitation.”

— Stephanie


"She made a way for me to find confidence in my path without inserting her own life bias. It’s also a cool alternative for people who find traditional therapy and guidance counseling intimidating. I truly believe that anyone from any and all walks of life could benefit from a new perspective delivered this way, regardless of religious or spiritual upbringing. Also, Sukhpreet is down to earth, personable, and has a good and compassionate heart on her! Just overall pleasant to be around so this would be a great experience especially for first timers who maybe be a little nervous!"

— anonymous


"Sukhpreet has an inviting energy about her and it felt like we had been friends for a while. It made it easier to open up and not feel like she’d judge my interpretation of the cards or the situation. I felt like I could trust her and that she was 100% focused on me."

— anonymous


“I loved that I was given all the interpretations of the cards. The questions I asked were also given very detailed answers and I felt comfortable asking them. It was a very safe space. I need to follow my gut and right now that is what's saving me. It was very accurate as to what I felt and what I'm confronting. It most definitely helped guide me. And where/what I need to channel my energy to.”

— Yezenia


"Sukhpreet's presence is calming and fills you with a sense of acceptance of self and the present. The reading seemed to flow from her naturally, touching upon the fear and anxiety I was projecting and drawing helpful conclusions/presenting guidance that was both validating and encouraging."

— anonymous


“It was eye opening and left me shook lol. The cards were very aligned with what I've been going through and you helped me get a lot of perspective! Yes, I felt very comfortable with your energy- I took a lot away from my reading and it was nice to receive some guidance that I could apply to my life.”

— Jasmine


“I enjoyed the sincerity of the conversation. It taught me that I too, can talk to myself with that same honesty and curiosity. I think from the reading I received insight into my feelings and thoughts that I had overlooked or had bottled up tight. Sukhpreet is very in tune to life. She explains the reading you receive in great detail too. Very easy to be open with and to help you dive into yourself. If your thinking about it, do it!”

— Matt


"I enjoyed the perspective this reading gave me. I had a lot of self doubt about my direction as a young adult and young artist at the time and many changes both internal and external seemed scary. This reading encouraged me to move forward with confidence that things are exactly how they need to be and so long as I trust my intuition, and be patient with myself and creative output, I will find fulfillment. It was more impactful than I ever expected it to be because of it’s exact relevance to me in that point in time. I’m very grateful for Sukhpreet and her gift of foresight."

— anonymous


“It was sweet meeting with another woc diviner. Even though I do my own readings, I felt like the insights were very helpful and have prompted me to contemplate things I wouldn’t usually.”

— Fiona


“I felt great under your care Sukhpreet! When I felt ready to approach you about getting a reading, I knew I was opening myself up to dive into some feelings I had been avoiding. Your insight was useful and your warmth made me feel comfortable enough to cry in public lol. You are knowledgeable and trustworthy!”

— Claire